Zoe Witt (she/they) is a freelance writer and creative based in occupied Duwamish Territory (aka Seattle.) Their work on insulin has been published in The LA Times and SELF Magazine. She was featured in the Human Rights Watch report "If I'm Out of Insulin, I'm Going to Die."
Zoe is an organizer with Mutual Aid Diabetes: a community-run group that connects diabetics with resources to help them obtain life sustaining insulin, medication, and supplies. They currently handle Media & Communications for MAD, and are the producer and editor of MAD Online.
Zoe has been disabled and chronically ill for nearly twenty years, after being diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes as a child. She's had to ration insulin, supplies, and health care numerous times, including while uninsured for 9 months in 2018. 
Though you will often find them working on or writing about troublesome topics, Zoe is also immensely interested in food, tattoos, fashion, design, film, video games, and astrology.
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