Zoe Witt Portfolio


Zoe Witt (she/they) is a freelance writer and creative based in Western Washington. They have spent the last four years organizing mutual aid in response to the insulin and health care crisis in the United States.

Zoe has been disabled and chronically ill for over twenty years, after being diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes as a child.

Zoe received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington where they studied political science and geography. After leaving government office work due to mental health issues, she began working in restaurants.

Zoe had to ration insulin, supplies, and health care numerous times, including while uninsured in 2018.(Link: You can read about that here via Human Rights Watch.) Zoe is currently writing a screenplay based on this experience.

Though you will often find them working on or writing about troublesome topics, Zoe is also immensely interested in food, tattoos, fashion, design, film, and astrology.

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